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Caring For Your Loved One With Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Care Indianapolis is passionate about sustaining the joyfulness and autonomy of older adults living at home. We can understand families’ predicaments caring for older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. More importantly, ensuring and enabling them relatively safe and relaxing at home.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease

The symptoms worsen as the disease advances with which brings new concerns for the caregiver. Having an understanding of each stage of Alzheimer’s and its related signs can anticipate ahead of time.


The early-stage Alzheimer’s disease is that a person can still function autonomously. And it is still plausible for them to partake in any professional and community activities. While in this stage, they may have the challenge of remembering current events, and they may dismiss to remember names and words. Another challenge is writing, and analytical thinking is the mental ailment associated with this disease. Moreover, Alzheimer’s disease includes profound memory loss, bafflement, and symptoms of the body. At this level, people manifest the following pieces of difficulties;

  • Remembering family members and close peers
  • Systematizing or abiding by instructions
  • Instability of doing frequent tasks, like putting on clothes
  • Agitated sleep
  • Erratic or go astray
  • Rectal incontinence or urinary
  • Behavioral alterations


At this final moment, patients are required the help of all the regular and daily actions of mobility like sitting up, walking, and eating. And people may decline their capability to have socialization.

Our well-trained Indianapolis alzheimer's home care carers communicate with the clients in sensible, physical, and emotional matters that work hand in hand with medical treatment and increase the quality of life for older adults as well as their families.

Give Them Nutritious Diet

It is crucial to aid our loved ones with Alzheimer’s to eat right and maintain hydrated. Often, people who are having this disease may lose weight, specifically if they have the inability to;

  • Recall when they ate
  • Forget about how to cook
  • Identical food every day
  • Lose consciousness of mealtime
  • Smell and taste foods
  • Chew and Swallow food

In that particular scenarios, caregivers can assist fully by;

  • Identical time serving the meal every day
  • Giving meals using colorful dishes
  • Serving huge portion at breakfast
  • Emboldening them to take vitamins
  • Giving them nutritious snacks that cut into portions
  • Allowing the dining area to be quiet without any distractions from TV or radio
  • Choose the foods that are easy to munch and swallow

Maintain Safety

There are some dangers that surround a person with Alzheimer’s; thus, ensuring the safety of your patients is one of the top priorities and this include;

  • Ensuring the person has sturdy and comfortable shoes
  • GMarking vivid colored taped at the edge of the flight of stairs
  • Putting pads at any sharp corners on furniture
  • Putting hot and cold stickers near taps
  • Installing safety locks on the stove.

If your patient can drive, observe that person the way they operate; thus, he/ she would not be a danger to others.

Indianapolis dementia home care offers aid and care for your loved one living at home, yielding you the support you need. Our notion is that everyone has to have the experience of connection and the intent of inspiring moment, regardless the matter of the age or the stages of care they need


Alzheimer’s Care Indianapolis provides personal care plans for physical and non-physical requirements and goals. We structured our recreational activities that lead to happiness, offer mental enthrallment, and embolden physical and emotional prosperity and vitality.